You have a tongue ring? You can do some pretty great stuff with it while giving head. Haven't you always wondered why niggas ASSUME girls with tongue rings give head? Here's 5 tips below to better incorporate your piercing into fellatio.

1) Twirl- Twirl your tongue ring around the head of his dick and keep the pressure on his shaft with your hand. Jack his dick and twirl your tongue around the head at the same time. 
2) Latch- Latch onto the head of his dick with your mouth, and rub your tongue VIGOROUSLY on the tip. Drag your tongue ball across his hole. If you're a true freak, nuzzle your tongue ball into the hole and massage it.
3) Lick - Lick his dick from the base to his tip in an ongoing rhythm, dragging your tongue ring sloppily across it, while alternating it with sucking... like this: SUCK, LICK THE ENTIRE THING, SUCK. When licking, picture a dog lapping up water. Literally lap up his dick. The ball of your tongue ring is doing its job. 
4) Deep Throat- Stick his dick as far as you can into your mouth. When you can't extend it any farther (ladies who deep throat, deep throat it), stick your tongue out as far as it will go. Lick your tongue across his skin, and flick the ball across it.
5) Suck His Balls- When you suck his balls, literally suck the balls between your tongue ball and the roof of your mouth. He'll feel the ball indenting into his flesh, but it will be pleasurable, not painful. 


audrey jones
11/24/2013 2:53pm

Pls help me learn how to suck my man dick so he feel good


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