All my guys know that there are girls that are gifted with head giving skills and those that are not. There are the ones who play around with it and act like kids, and the ones that go complete porn star. These are the types of head givers in my book. 

1) Baby Bop: a youngin to the game. Finds giving head nasty and it takes you like 4 months to convince her to do it finally and when she does it's horrible. It takes you 45 minutes to even remotely feel a nut coming up and even then it won't come out because she's doing nothing special just the simple up and down motion. Fuck this broad. She ain't shit. 

2) Lazy Mary: She can damn sure fuck the shit out of you but her head game is boring. She might surprise you a few times but she really ain't no better than Baby Bop. Usually she gives you head eyes closed and with her arm propped up somewhere on you or the bed so her head can sort of sag while she does it. Looks like she's putting no effort into it whatsoever. Hence the nickname. 

3) The Truth: She got some nice ass neck game bruh. She been trained a bit in the past and by videos and can pull some stunts on that shit. However she might be one of the I don't swallow girls so she might spit ya shit back on ya sheets or sumn and piss you off. However she normally gives you neck most of the time cause her fuck game aint too impressive so yeen even gotta waste a condom on her if you don't want to. That's why she's so good at giving head. Lmao just my experience anyway.

4) Lil A1: GAHDAMN GAHDAMN GAHDAMN in my Gucci voice. She got that stupid head game. Shawty know what to do, when to do it and how to do it to perfection. She takes pride in her skill and ain't afraid to show you. Obviously a top class freak, watches porn just to learn new shit probably. She real as hell in the bed too. You're definitely winning with this one.

With these types in mind, my niggas what type of head is your girl giving? Shit don't be afraid to tell her she need to step it up, I told a shorty I was smashing her shit was boring and then a month later it was A1. Girls want to be able to please you in the best way possible all you gotta do is tell em. If you fucking with a lil square jawn I feel bad for you dawg you missing out. On the neck. 


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