The ankh is the Egyptian symbol that means life. It is said to bring energy to whoever has one on them, and is also able to pass energy to nearby people. This is one of the many uses for the ankh. It is seen on many Egyptian tomb paintings of gods and goddesses that are holding it at their fingertips, meaning that they are passing the gift of life to the mummy within the tomb. The ankh also represented royalty so anyone that wore one was held in high regard. One of the most interesting things I found out is the connection between melanin and the ankh. Melanin as you all know is the pigment in the skin of people of color, produced by melanocyte cells and deposited in the epidermal tissue. Melanocytes are neuron like cells that produce melanin and other proteins in response to electromagnetic radiation. Africans' bodies contain large amounts of melanocytes that encode each and every life experience regarding melanin production, that aims to create an actual reality state after death. Mummification's purpose was to preserve the skin which contained melanin. The conductivity of melanin increases with age, so in theory King Tut's mummy is more alive in the spiritual realm than it was on Earth. In short, an ankh constructed for electromagnetic purposes can use the energy of the melanin in African, and African-American skin for astral projections and spiritual entities. Melanin is the most important substance in the human body, being an oxidized form of RNA which enables the body to coordinate the production of proteins needed in cellular repair. Melanin is wherever cell damage is, acting as a neurotransmitter. The consumption of albino domesticated animals is promoted heavily and is damaging on our health as it takes away the melanin in our skin. 



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