Adorable, tiny, and Chris Brown's arm candy, the half viatnamese half black model is made to be stylish. With a look all her own, she has modeled with numerous clothing companies who deck her out in their finest gear- but I'm more interested in what she wears when she's not surrounded by a posse of stylists. 

1) She's Sporty/ Sexy- Karrueche gives off a vibe that screams "Let me play one on one with you, give you a run for your money, and then fuck you when we get back to the crib". Channel this with shirts that show off your belly, arms, and shoulders. 

2) Versatile Shoes- The model definitely switches up her footwear, rocking everything from designer platforms to Jays. Be sure to keep things fresh by investing in new pairs of shoes that add life to your closet. 

3) Simplicity Can Be Key- Because Karrueche will often show off massive amounts of legs or stomach or rock bold prints, she nows that the rest of her outfit can't be too overbearing. You won't catch this girl in tons of jewelry, and she keeps the jewelry she DOES wear minimalistic. 


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